Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday.  How time flies.  Or more like how the weekend flies.  And the week crawls by.

Friday night I hit up two happy hours with a large mix of random friends and friends of friends.  First we went to Zolas where regular prices are pretty ridiculous and happy hour prices are amazing.  They have several kinds of mixed drinks for $5 and various sliders for $1.50 each.  Happy hour is 5-7, then goes back to being expensive, then at 9 happy hour starts back up and drinks are cheap again.  So if you stick around long enough and nurse your drink in between you can get some good deals for the night.

After Zolas we headed up the street to PS7's as I was dying to try their fall drinks.  They did not disappoint.  The mixologist, Gina, is amazing.  I'm not even sure what we had because we told her we wanted fall drinks and she whipped up something amazing for us.  Their popcorn at the bar is also to die for.

Saturday morning I met some friends for lunch at Pizzeria Paradisio in Georgetown.  Their pizzas and salads are always so fresh and it was fun to relax and catch up.

Then we caught a few exhibits of Fotoweek.  Unfortunately many of the exhibits are done, but I think a few are still going for another week.  Very impressive work and it was fun to recognize area photographers on the walls.

My plans change a million times Saturday night and what was supposed to be a night out ended up being a night in.  Which was fine since I needed it.  I had a craft night with my friend Katie and we made belts with flower/petals on them.  Its not as 8th grade as it sounds I promise.  Its very J.Crewesque.  I have also been feeling antsy to be more creative in my spare time.  So this satisfied the urge a little bit.  I'll share more about it later in the week.

Walked around Old Town Alexandria on the most gorgeous Sunday ever.  Thought these pumpkins looked funny sitting on the wall starring out.

Sunday afternoon I took a super fun photography class from the amazingly talented Kate Headley.  She is a local photographer who does beautiful engagement and wedding photos.  The class mainly focused on using natural light and taking photographs of objects.  It was also fun to meet some of the other women in the class who are local bloggers and artists as well.  She is holding another class in December and I highly recommend it. 

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