Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday in Pictures

This weekend was a fabulous girls weekend with my old roommate from college visiting from NYC. We try to visit each other a few times a year in each other's cities and this time it was her turn to come to DC! I actually only got pictures of our Saturday together, so instead of Weekend in Pictures it is more like Saturday in Pictures. Because she has visited me in DC a few times now, we were able to have a more relaxed visit without having to run all over the city.

Saturday morning we walked around Eastern Market and had breakfast from the amazing Crepe cart. I always love to bring out of town guests to the market.

Then I took her out of the city to a few wineries in Virginia. We went to Sunset Hills where we sipped wine on their beautiful deck overlooking the vineyard.

And then to my favorite winery in Virginia, Breaux Vineyards. It is so beautiful, the wine is delicious, and I love all the tables scattered around the lawn. Also they had live music on the patio which made the whole ambiance perfect.

Old people picnicking and smoking cigars.

Saturday night I took my friend to one of my favorite restaurants, Sticky Rice. We had a table full of delicious sushi, it was pretty amazing.

Then we went to H Street Country club for some margaritas and skee ball.

We kept getting in the way of these guys playing pool. But my friend Katie ended up getting a good shot of them playing.

No trip to H. Street Country Club is complete without a round of putt-putt. While they made the course a little easier since our last visit, it was still pretty darn hard. And I'm pretty sure a few times I picked up the ball and threw it in the hole myself.

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