Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glee's Emma Pillsbury: Accessories

I've already gone on and on about Emma Pillsbury's amazing style (Guidance Counselor from Glee). Now its time to show you some inspiration so you too can achieve her vintage yet modern mashup. Thats right, I used a term I learned from Glee.

Most of Emma's jewelry looks like it came right out of J.Crew's spring catalog. Because the seasons have changed and everything is cool tones with gold and silver now it was a little more difficult to exactly replicate her jewelry. But she is all about bright colored beads, broaches, and flowers. As well as chunky broach like rings.

Emma is all about the colorful skinny belts with her pencil skirts. Again because of the season change I had a hard time finding colorful skinny belts. But you can always count on J.Crew to have some good classics.

Hats: Emma wore an adorable red knit beret at one of the football games. And while I'm not sure if I've seen her wear a cloche hat yet, but I am totally calling it for future episodes.

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