Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The New Yorker Halloween Cover

I know this is a little bit late, but my friend Katie sent this to me over the weekend and I couldn't resist sharing. Above is the latest cover of the New Yorker, making smart commentary on how overly connected to our wireless devices we are and how "phoned-in" parenting is starting to become a trend.

While this illustration may be a slight exaggeration, sadly I don't think it is very far from the truth. I see parents leaving their kids practically unattended while they play with their phones all the time. While I understand, especially in DC of all places, sometimes you just have to keep an eye on your email. But I see it everywhere, and not just with parents. I have many friends who have a hard time putting down their blackberries. And even in meetings I have coworkers who will be ghosting (as it has been nicknamed) in a meeting but not really present because their head is down and they are checking email or playing on their phone.

Now I'm not sure if this magazine cover was trying to really get that deep with its message that we are all way too over-connected. But it does make you stop and think and realize we should step away from our social-networks, our twitter, and our email once in a while. And be present in real life.

Also as a side note I'm really digging the illustration by Chris Ware. I love that the glow of the phones mimics the mask/faces. And of course I love the way he used different shades of gray as well as minimalist shapes.

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