Thursday, November 12, 2009

J.Crew Holiday Website

J.Crew's holiday catalog is out and they've revamped their website to show shots from their latest photo shoot in Chile. Seriously how do I get a gig like that? Besides having to be stick thin, tall and gorgeous. There has to be another way.

And maybe I'm a cheese ball, but I love it when they share little antidotes from their shoot. Even if it is totally made up. But things like using locals that just happen to trot by on their horses and having to put the little crewcuts boy on the model's shoulders because the snow was so deep. I eat that stuff up.

Also I'm really digging this look in their holiday styles. And I've never been much of a sparkle person, but I could totally see myself glamming it up with this sequin sweatshirt and tuxedo jacket for the holidays. Now I just have to figure out where exactly I'm going in that outfit. Minor detail.

J.Crew has also come out with a little nifty gift guide. I mainly like the landing page the best where they use collage like elements and paper to make the title. I've really been loving the whole using paper in graphic design this past year, its a trend that has really taken off in magazines.

If you are struggling for what to get me for christmas, I'll take anything off this nifty gift guide. Just to make it easy on you, you know.

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