Thursday, August 27, 2009

Erin Jang's Design

I'm like a kid in a candy store looking at Erin Jang's Flickr stream of her work. As a side note (why have I had so many side notes lately?) it is really interesting how much the uses of Flickr have started to change and I love that more designers are starting to put their work up on there. I've noticed different groups for business card ideas, invitation ideas ect and it is a great way to quickly scan for ideas. I highly recommend searching through flickr groups for whatever inspiration you need.

So back to Erin Jang, she is a designer for Esquire magazine by day (so fun right?) and invitation designer by night. Both pretty sweet gigs if you ask me. Her styles are definitely a little different between the two, as you would expect. But I love when you can see various sides of a designer's work.

For this invitation she took her inspiration from the architecture where the couple is getting married. Such a wonderful idea and resource to pull from! Its always great when you can tie in elements that are meaningful to the couple.

These wedding invitations were inspired by the couple's love for vintage ephemera and secret notes. The little envelopes containing fold out invitations are so sweet. There is something to be said for creating an experience with different steps to open an invitation/brochure.

Below are Erin's table of contents design for Esquire magazine! So freaking cool, right? And a slightly different look from her invitations. I feel like this is a unique take on both table of contents and photo collages. I always appreciate it when magazines get creative with this section in their magazine which can so often be overlooked design wise. And in my opinion these are inspiration board worthy!

Check out Erin's flickr stream of designs here and her wonderful blog here.

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