Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Your Polaroid Fix

Just recently have I become a lover of Polaroid pictures. Of course when they were a dime a dozen and easy to find, I didn't appreciate them as much. Isn't that how it always goes? Though I'd like to think that my love for it now isn't just because they are discontinued and hard to find. But it definitely does add to the appeal.

So whether you've been a Polaroid lover for years or are just now starting to appreciate it, you can get your last Polaroid fix (and also maybe your first Polaroid fix) today at Urban Outfitters. In a collaboration with The Impossible Project they are selling all the last of their remaining deadstock of Polaroid film and cameras today.

If you haven't heard of The Impossible Project, they have a pretty interesting mission. When the production of analog Instant Film stopped in 2008, they formed to try to re-invent and re-start production. Recently they acquired all the production equipment from Polaroid, which is great and encouraging news. What is really interesting though is that they don't want to just restart production, they want to develop a new product that will better fit into today's marketplace. I say more power to them. And I'm really curious to see what they produce and how it honors the tradition of Polaroid.

They are aiming to have a new product out in 2010, but if you can't wait until then get over to Urban Outfitters and buy up the last of the traditional Polaroids now. In DC there are two Urban's in NW. One on 7th and H in Chinatown and one on M street and 31st in Georgetown. If you don't live in DC check out this list of stores carrying the last of the Polaroid. I'm extremely tempted to take my lunch break and head down to Chinatown.

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