Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pretty Office Supplies

I have a huge weakness for pretty office/paper supplies. So when I saw some of Girl of All Work's stuff on my recent visit to Paper Source I made a mental note to check out their online shop. That was probably a pretty dangerous move as I love everything in the store....of course. Now if only I could get my office to expense it for me. I mean it does inspire me!

I would love to give or receive a mixed cd with these pretty cd labels and envelopes.

Who can resist patterned fabric magnets!

I'm a serial offender at dog earring my pages. It is something my mom used to get on me about all the time. But I just can't seem to hold onto the random receipt or scrap paper for a bookmark. Enter the Magnetic Origami pretty bookmarks! They fold over and snap in place on your page to hold your spot. And they come in all kinds of fun and pretty patterns! I never have to listen to my mom nag at me again about ruining pages in books!

I love page flags and use them way too much when reading magazines or to mark ideas. These patterned page flags are so pretty and inspirational!

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