Tuesday, August 25, 2009

J. Crew's Fall Catalog

This morning I got the newest fall catalog for J.Crew. Swoon. But let me sidetrack real quick. Yes thats right, J.Crew delivered their catalog to my work address. As if it wasn't hard enough to be sly with my personal packages and keep my shopping addiction under wraps. A few of my coworkers have already started to catch on nicknaming me confessions of a shopaholic. Now they have sent me catalogs to sit in my mailbox for all to see. Thanks a lot, J.Crew.

Back on subject though, J.Crew's fall line is probably going to put a huge dent in my paycheck. I only quickly glanced through it because again I'm trying to be sly about my "problem" at work. I'm looking forward to fully indulging by circling and dog earring the pages when I get home. But one thing that caught my eye that I had to share was their A to Z theme. I absolutely love the way they've incorporated their clothing, the models, and each letter. I scanned in a few of my favorites below. So classy. Well done, J.Crew, well done. I guess I can forgive you for outing me as a shopaholic.

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