Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend! My parents were visiting me from North Carolina for the weekend, so we had a fun activity packed couple of days. My parents used to live outside DC when I was super young, so it was slightly a challenge in how I could show them parts of DC that they hadn't already experienced themselves. Below is a good synopsis of what we did around the city. Feel free to copy and repeat for any of your own future visitors!

Friday night I took my parents to the trendy Sticky Rice down on H Street, NE. I wouldn't recommend this for all parents, but since mine are somewhat adventurous they enjoyed it. And I wanted to show them an area that I hang out in often.

After Sticky Rice I took them back to the more tamer Capitol Hill, where we had wine at Sonoma Wine Bar. We sat upstairs in the lounge, which was nice and low-key. One thing that did annoy me though was that they weren't offering the full wine list upstairs. Only a small handful of wines.

Saturday morning we walked around the market, which is conveniently in walking distance to my apartment and my parents hotel. This is a sure fire enjoyable activity for any guest and I pretty much take all my visitors here.....whether they like it or not.

Since my dad loves his hamburgers Good Stuff Eatery was the obvious choice for lunch. While you can get a basic hamburger here, they also have many unique burgers and turkey burgers that your guests can't typically get back home. And it is pretty fast and easy for lunch.

After lunch we decided to hit a few museums. We took advantage of the last weekend for Corcoran free saturdays. To be completely honest I'm glad it was free as there were not very many noteworthy exhibits right now. And I know William Eggleston did breakthrough things for color photography....but some of his photographs down right depressed me.

On our way to Chinatown we watched the trapeze school for a few. It seriously made me consider taking classes, it just looked like so much fun. And they honestly made it look really easy...which I doubt.

Checked out a couple exhibits at the Portrait Gallery . They have a really great temporary exhibit on the first floor of photography portraits from various artists. Some have stories behind them, though not all. Really interesting creative stuff.

Grabbed cold beers outside at Capitol Lounge.

Saturday night I took my parents to the restaurant Zaytinya for dinner. Zaytinya is one of my go-to restaurants for visitors. It has a trendy cool interior, interesting unique food, and it doesn't have to necessarily break the bank. I also love that you see the whole spectrum when it comes to dress. I hate it when I bring out of town guests somewhere and they feel uncomfortable because it is overly trendy or overly dressed up. At Zaytinya you get the trendy vibe without feeling out of place.

After dinner we went to Bohemian Caverns for a Jazz concert. This was actually my parents idea. I wasn't a huge fan of the artist, but I always love the vibe at this place. If you haven't been it is a great little spot on 11th and U located in a basement. The interior is carved out like a stone cave....It feels so very intimate, like you are in a secret club. It also has a very rich jazz history with the likes of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louise Armstrong and others once performing on its stage.

Before sending my parents on their way back to North Carolina on Sunday, we had brunch at Belga Cafe. A great brunch spot that is a little bit fancier than the usual Tunnicliffes.

Overall it was a fun weekend and I enjoyed showing my parents around some of the touristy DC things as well as the more out of the way local spots. Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as I did!

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