Monday, August 24, 2009

My weekend in Pictures

How is it already Monday again. I feel like somebody is pressing the fast forward button on my life. And yet again another weekend has passed and another work week begins. Luckily it was a pretty low key weekend in the city, especially with the rain on Saturday. I definitely needed it after having guests in town and being out of town for the past several weekends.

Friday night I went to the Nats game with the $1 ticket deal. Surprisingly they were decent seats for $1, but of course it rained. Every Nats game I've been to this year it has rained.

Kept my friend Katie company while she packed for her big move next weekend. I realized it hadn't been since college that I hung out on a friends bed and talked. It was really nice and nostalgic.

We also found some real gems while she was packing. Like this "yearbook" we both got before our freshman year of college. It had all of our future classmates high school senior pictures in it. While we went to the same college we didn't actually meet until DC. So it was fun to look at old pictures of people we knew and also made me a little nostalgic. What is up with all of this nostalgia lately! Of course we also had to text pictures to our friends to let them know we had found blackmail material.

She organizes her books by color which I love and would totally try if I didn't have my books spread out everywhere.

Saturday night Turner and I went to see In the Loop at E Street Cinema. If you don't know of E street it is a large independent movie theater in DC. They are always showing great indie films and documentaries. In the Loop was pretty hilarious and whats great is parts of it were set in DC. I loved how they made fun of how young everybody in DC is.

Sunday Turner and I found a stray kitten that has been hanging out on his back patio. We let it come inside and play for a little bit.

If you can't tell by this picture, the kitten has the EXACT same markings as Max. White belly, white paws and a little bit of white on the chin. We decided to nickname it Maxette since it looks kind of like a mini Max. They didn't really know what to think of each other and I think Max got swatted a few times.

Sunday we went to the Capitol Skyline pool for burgers and swimming. The good news is they are continuing this until the end of September. I always hate how pools close labor day when it is still so dang hot outside. The crowd was somewhat similar to the Saturday Brightest Young Things crowd, though not so hipster and edgy. A little more laid back and casual. And what is great about Sundays is you get a free burger with your $10. Though no Spike this week.

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