Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taylor Gourmet Deli in Dwell

Monday night I finally had my first taste of Taylor Deli on H Street, NE. I had heard great things about it since it had opened and I'm not exactly sure what took me so long to get myself down to H and 12th. But I'm glad I finally did. The sandwiches are absolutely amazing and the sleek modern interior with a glass garage door adds to the experience. I highly recommend any of the chicken cutlet sandwiches, especially the one with gorgonzola cheese and roasted red peppers. Absolutely delicious.

But the point of this post is actually not to praise their food (though it is darn good), but to talk about their article in the most recent issue of Dwell. They had the issue sitting out on the counter but while waiting for my food I was only able to skim the first couple paragraphs. Even so, those first couple paragraphs were stuck in my head all the way home until I could finish the article online.

What struck me the most was how well written and researched it was. I feel like usually design magazines gloss things over, but this was not the case for the Taylor Deli article. You could tell the writer actually spent time on H street, NE, really experiencing it. They didn't write it off as a great hipster DC neighborhood, but they also didn't write it off as run-down and unsafe place to be. I felt like the author really got to know H street and painted a honest, down to earth picture.

On the design side of the article I appreciated seeing refurbished apartments that the two owners designed above their deli. Hearing about their creative processes of cutting corners yet still making it unique. Can you believe in the picture below they got the green cabinets from Ikea and the tile back splash off EBay! So very creative, economical and still stylish.

Check out the article on Dwell right here for good writing, an interesting perspective on H street and amazingly sleek design. Then get your butt over to Taylor Deli and try one of their chicken cutlet sandwiches.

Photographs by João Canziani

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