Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

My weekend in pictures.....better late than never!

I started my weekend off right by catching up with my old roommate in Clarendon. The highlight was definitely the gelato at Boccato. I remember when I lived in the area a year ago this gelato place was a hidden gem. Now not so much with lines always out the door. But definitely worth the wait.

Delicious gelato and so many choices!!

Took max to the park. Its always fun to see him run around and play with other dogs.

After seeing Funny People, which was even better than I expected, Turner and I checked out Eat Bar in Clarendon. I hadn't been since the new chef and I must say everything was delicious. Eat Bar is just behind the curtains of the restaurant Tallula, but is a much more casual relaxed atmosphere.

I love the chalk menus in decorative frames that fill the back wall behind the bar.

Turner chilling outside Eat Bar as I take my pictures. Little did he know I was actually photographing him.

Sunday morning I went hiking in Leesylvania State Park in Virginia. Besides the few bouts of rain, it was really relaxing to get out of the city and into nature for a few hours. This park was nice though not the best I've ever been to. The trails seemed a little shorter than they appeared on the map. But they were very clearly marked and easy for a quick two hour hike. And it was nice that they went by the water for parts of them.

Max leading the way down the trail.

We spotted a heron on the Chesapeake.

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