Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mucca Design Firm

I knew of Mucca Design before I actually knew of Mucca Design. If that makes any sense. What I mean is I had seen so much of Mucca's work around in other publications, but had never put together that 1) they were Mucca and 2) they were responsible for several different design projects that had caught my attention. That is until I finally clicked over to their site and therefore discovered Mucca Design.

So now that I cleared all that up, I feel like I should share some of Mucca Design with you, since I was so excited to finally discover them myself! They are a smallish firm located in New York City...I actually totally lost the guessing game on this one. When looking at a design firm's work online I always play a game where I try to guess the city they are located in based on their look.....annnnd this one I was totally wrong. You win some you lose some.

I love their brutally honest philosophy: "Great brands deserve great branding, bad brands deserve to work with our competition." If only we could all choose our clients like that. I guess if you are as awesome as Mucca you can.

I originally clicked on Mucca's website because of this packaging. I'm still very torn whether I love or am annoyed by the coffee cups. I hate that corporate Starbucks has taken over the coffee house market so much that their clever misleading lingo has become synonymous with ordering a small, medium, or large. But at the same time when I make the mistake of ordering a tall at a non Starbucks coffee house, I hate it when they snidely correct me. Come on can't I have it both ways? Hate the people that make the mistake, but also hate the people that correct me when I do it? No? Ok well then I think I like this design.

Such a pretty B and I'm a huge fan of the teal background pattern.

I'm not exactly sure what the saying means, but I love the coaster/business cards for the Mexican restaurant.

I'm a sucker for pretty book covers and this one is just so simple and whimsical.

To some this may look like a basic mexican menu, but I love all the playful fonts and watercolor shades.

Hold the phone where do you get colored match heads like that! And does it quadruple the cost of the matches?!

See more of Mucca Design's work on their website.


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