Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

This weekend I took a much needed mini vacation by heading up to Lavallette, New Jersey. This is the second summer I've gone up to Lavallette and it was just as fun and beautiful as last year. Which is great because sometimes it really sucks when you have your high expectations of repeating a trip dashed. It was exactly the break I needed and I was oh so close to calling out sick and staying the rest of the week!

Bright Beach Umbrella

Everyone leaves their shoes piled up at the beach entrance.

About every fifteen minutes these bright prop planes fly by with all kinds of advertisements. Some of them made me laugh with pictures of fat people and then skinny people advertising getting fake plastic surgery abs. Actually that one was pretty gross.

Scrabble on the back porch. Actually I read my book while Turner and his mom battled it out. They are so insane good I wasn't even about to attempt competing!

Beautiful view right off the back porch.

View from the side of the porch.

Path leading to the beach/happiness.

The ice cream man drove up about every hour blaring his mechanical song. Surprisingly I was able to resist every time!

But I was not able to resist a late night trip to get homemade beach ice cream.

We played putt-putt on an extremely old school course. Thats a nice way of saying a lame flat course. But it was still fun.

Breakfast at the Lavallette Yacht Club.

Tennis along the water. There was apparently a sailboat race going on in the background, but because there was no wind they all had to be towed in.

This picture makes me want to go back to the beach.....right now.

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