Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michael Stars Knit Dresses at Filenes Basement

I am telling you this because in my life this is news. Michael Stars knit dresses at Filene's Basement. I'm also telling you this because I already bought four for myself. Shut up, I know. I already told you I have a shopping problem. Also I didn't have time to try any of them on, so I just chose my favorites and may end up in the return line later.

Anyways maybe this isn't huge news since I'm not a frequent Filene's shopper. But its huge news to me. I love Michael Stars Knit Dresses. I remember the first (and only until now) one I bought was a big purchase for me. I was fresh out of college so its not like I had tons of cash. But it was worth every penny because the fabric was so soft and the fit was great. It became THE summer dress for me for two summers. Oh yeah and I paid like $130 for it. Steep I know.

So thats why I am so excited that Filene's has a rack full of Michael Stars knit dresses right now. For $40! Lots of pretty fall colors like grays and greens that I plan to pair with tights and sweaters.

I kind of feel like it was fate for me to find these dresses. Yes I'm a delusional shopaholic, I know. But I had no plan to go into Filene's and when I detoured there I was only going to look at the shoes. What can I say looking at shoes makes me happy. On my way out instead of walking down the aisle I randomly walked through the dress racks. And what do you know catches my eye! Like I said, fate.

Ok now that I am done with my spiel and excitement for cheap Michael Stars dresses, get your butt over to the Filene's Basement at 14th and F street, NW. They are on a kind of random rack in the dress section, one of the few parallel to the back wall.

And if you don't live in DC or aren't close to 14th and F street, check out your own Filene's Basement. Their fall shipment looked pretty good and its a great way to get cute clothes on the cheap.

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