Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Potato Four

Lately I've been really into vintage. I had discovered Three Potato Four a while back, but I don't think my love for all things old and cool was in full swing yet. So when I stumbled upon it again today while reading For me, For You, I fell in love all over. Such great stuff! Below is my wish list.....if I had unlimited decorating funds.

This would be so cute to hang up and display your magazines. It reminds me of the racks in the library during my elementary school days.

I love love love these old hardware drawers. And I have no clue what I would do with them! But look at the potential! It would be awesome if I were handy and could build a chest out of mismatched drawers. If only I had taken wood shop in school. But still, oh the possibilities!

Would it be nerdish of me to buy this old phone and not actually use it? I could just see placing it on a stack of old books. I love the colors so much.

Lately I've been seeing a new trend of creating flower arrangement with groups of antique bottles and mismatched vases. You basically just put a couple flowers in each bottle but arrange them all together. These would be perfect for that!

I love these old milk carafes. Would be adorable for fresh flowers or to serve drinks in.

These huge vintage letters from an old Texaco sign are amazin. So far they don't have any letters that have meaning to me, but I'm crossing my fingers. This would be super cute if you had one of those huge wood mirrors propped on the floor. You could prop this over one of the edges.

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