Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flower Your Shoes!

I know I've waxed poetic about flowers for your outfit before from Emmersonmade for you. But now I've just made another flower discovery. Clip on flowers for your shoes!!! I can envision these on any of my high heels or plain flats. It adds a little bit something special without being over the top. So adorable. Also I emailed the seller, Katilin at b. poetic, and she does custom orders of whatever color you want! So the sky is the limit!

Her process is a little bit different than Emmersonmade though. Emmersonmade uses organic fabrics and hand dyes them. B. Poetic uses vintage fabrics for her flowers. So slightly different result, but both very gorgeous.

She also has cute little blossoms for your outfits. I've already talked to her about making me a custom order of fall colors. So excited to add a little pizzaz to my fall wardrobe!

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