Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wall Art: Farouche

Confession: I've neglected any apartment decorating since the week I moved in.....which was almost a year ago. Awful I know. Now in my defense it is still decently decorated and put together. I just haven't purchased anything new to customize or add to my apartment since I moved in. Including wall art. Oh man do I have a desperate need for wall art.

Lately though I've had a yearning to finally add some custom touches. Things to make it more homey. So I'm guessing you will start to see a lot more home decor posts on this blog. At least until I've satisfied my nesting period.

So anyways I strongly believe that the art in your home should make you smile. Or at least just make you feel something. These pictures by etsy seller Farouche, are so sweet and I can see myself hanging them above my dresser. So that I can read them every day as I get ready and remind myself to be happy and think happy thoughts.

Also how awesome are these Drunken Gift Tags. I love the vintage type and hilarious sayings. Perfect for any gift to that crazy girlfriend of yours.

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