Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parents say the darndest things

While creating my weekend in pictures post, I completely forgot to include the most hilarious conversation I had with my parents over the weekend. The topic of Facebook came up a lot as my Mom recently joined and is having a ball with all her friends. I thought I’d share since thinking back to the conversation still makes me laugh and I find as I get older that parents say the darndest things. I figured many of you can relate.

Me: Mom, why won’t you be my friend on Facebook?
Mom: Because I don’t want to know what you are up to and I don’t want you to know what I am up to.
Me: Dad would you ever join Facebook?
Dad: Hmm maybe, I’ve thought about it.
Me: (egging on the conversation) Ohhhhh Mom then you guys could be married on Facebook!
Mom: (Her face drops) WHAT?! You can’t join Facebook! If you join facebook I won’t be friends with you. I don’t want you to know what me and my friends are up to!
Dad: Fine I don’t want to be your friend on Facebook anyways. Besides, I just want to join but not be friends with anybody.
Me: (again egging them on) Oh so you just want to be one of those silent creepy stalkers in the background who isn’t friends with anyone but looks at peoples profiles.
Dad: Exactly.

(*A disclaimer for my Mom's sake so she doesn't ring my neck next time I'm home. She has nothing to hide from my Dad on facebook....that I know of. Then again she won't be my friend on Facebook so I guess I can't truly vouch for her can I. Sorry Mom.)

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