Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Good I mean Afternoon. Between my design conference Thursday - Saturday and working on the weekend, I am so mixed up in my days. Luckily my conference was fantastic. I met a lot of great designers and it helped refresh and motivate me to do great work.

I was able to hear so many amazing designers speak at the conference. On this panel they had designers who either currently or used to work for Mattel, Starbucks, Nike, Lego, LA Metro, PBS and more. They were all so nice and accessible during the conference as well.

Dinner with my friends at Cafe 8. I always forget that I have an amazing greek restaurant just down the street from me. So delicious....and convenient!

Checked out the Arts on Foot festival in Chinatown after my conference. Lots of great art and performers. I was slightly freaked out by the guys above and below. Never quite figured out what their purpose was besides to follow and scare people.

Creepers followed me into Dunkin Donuts when I was trying to get away from them. Its bad enough when you stand in front of me and my coffee. But when you wear a costume doing it, I'm just going to be downright mad....and freaked out.

Went to a hilariously fun mustache birthday party. We all had to wear fake mustaches, which ensued in classic pictures. I'm going to do a fun separate post with the actual pictures though so this is all you get for now.

Met friends for brunch at Tryst. I had never been to Tryst, but I think it is my new favorite place. Super artsy and crowded with a diverse funky crowd. Everyone kind of sits with everyone else which I love. If there is an extra chair at the table someone will inevitably join you. And I appreciate that they give you huge cups of coffee...exactly what I need on a Sunday morning.

Delicious coffee at Tryst.

Adams Morgan Day festival. Whenever I see these signs I think of fairs and festivals. Which then makes me very happy.

Adams Morgan Day Festival.

A little bit of window shopping in Georgetown.

My friend brought me to the Georgetown Flea market, which was a gem of a find! All kinds of antique jewelry, art, and furniture. I'll share later in the week my fun purchases.

Met my friend who recently got engaged at Iwo Jima. We did a photo shoot of her gorgeous engagement ring and hung out on a picnic blanket. Iwo Jima is my favorite spot to really can't beat the views. And it is hardly ever crowded. I'll share the fun ring pictures later in the week. I know I know, I'm with holding a lot. There are just so many posts I want to do with my fun weekend!

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