Friday, September 25, 2009

Photography Mission: Family Pictures

Ok so I wasn't exactly successful at this photography mission. But I had no idea how hard it was to get posed artistic shots of children! I've always played around getting shots of my nephews when I could, but never tried to intentionally do a photo shoot with them. I think doing my friends engagement pictures is going to be a breeze compared to a stubborn two year old and a little five month old. To Luke's credit (the five month old) he was a pretty chill easy subject. Besides the fact he can't sit up on his own yet....he really needs to work on that.

Anyways it was honestly a last minute thought so we didn't have tons to work with in terms of props/entertainment. My mom picked up some balloons at the grocery store, which really helped. They gave a whimsical look to the photographs and distracted the kids. It also really helped when I clipped them on my camera strap. Because then little Luke would just stare at me/the balloons.

We also pulled out the old red wagon, which was great for shots of both the kids. Only hitch was that was all the two year old wanted to do. You live and you learn. This was great practice for the first time. I definitely learned to be more prepared with props, keep the kids active so as they don't get bored and cranky, and to let go a little because there is only so much you can tell a two year old to do. It was great practice for my first time doing family shots. And I learned they are not as easy as they look! I'm hoping to pick up tips at Kate Headley's photography class and try again over Thanksgiving.

Stupid blogger dims my photographs, so if you want to see more or see them in full vibrant color head to my flickr.

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