Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday! I had an amazing weekend at home catching up with family and friends. It was so nice to be back in North Carolina for a few days.

As soon as I got in Friday afternoon first things first I went to the mall with my mom, sister, and nephews for lunch and shopping. I seriously hadn't been to a mall since the last time I was home, it was glorious. We had lunch at Firebirds where they have really good salads and hit up the new Anthro.

I spent Friday night catching up with one of my good friends. We go as far back as the fourth grade. So of course we had lots of catching up and reminiscing to do. Its always fun to hang out with someone who knew you at your dorkiest, and still loves you even though you haven't gotten much cooler since then.

Is it weird I kind of miss walking out of my front door and there always being deer in the front yard....probably. And my mom would most likely kill me for saying that since the deer destroy all her plants. But you just don't get that in the city!

I did a mini practice photo shoot with my sister and nephews. I'll share more later in the week.

Took my Georgetown Flea Market find to get framed. Luckily one of my friends from college met up with me and helped me make the tough decisions. I probably would have shriveled from indecisiveness without her! And they look great! Once I get them up on the walls I'll share.

Spent lots of time with my mom, sister, and nephews. As well as Arthur, the old english sheepdog.

Had lunch with a friend at Guglhupf, a German bakery and cafe in Durham. If you are ever in the Durham/Chapel Hill area I highly recommend this place. Amazing sandwiches and great atmosphere.

Sitting in the outdoor patio I felt like I was on vacation in California.

The long drive back to North Carolina. I love taking the back roads to 85N, where it is nothing but rolling hills and farms. So beautiful.

After getting back to DC I went over to a friends house for dinner and we grabbed ice cream at Larry's. Being below street level, this window proved to be perfect for people watching.

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