Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a good long weekend! I love coming back to a four day week, though I usually spend the whole week mixed up about what day it is. And of course have twice the work to catch up on. But oh well, it is all worth it to have that extra day of relaxation.

After my super rough week I ended up going on a last minute trip to the beach with friends and friends of friends. Ended up being the perfect weekend to get away. And it was my first introduction into Ocean City, Maryland. It definitely lived up to all its stories and expectations.

Friday night we took it easy having drinks on the porch watching the ocean.

Crazy nighttime sky.

Saturday we spent the day on the beach. I like that these seagulls are friends. And so are these random old people in the background.

It must have been a mixture of too much sun and really strong drinks at lunch to get us to take this picture.

Awesome beach picture.

Some weird people bury their friends in the sand.

And some even weirder people just bury themselves:)


Moon over the ocean.

The girls enjoying the view.

Through a series of hilarious events we ended up at Fagers Saturday night.

Fire pit at Fagers.

Relaxing at the beach is the life.

I thought flying planes with banner ads behind it was insane. This is a moving electronic billboard. Seriously what will they think of next!

We went back to Fagers for lunch. Just couldn't get enough.

No trip to Ocean City is complete without a trip to the local Crisp N Clean.

Yes I took this picture from a moving car. Which means yes we drove 5 miles an hour all the way back to DC. Also sadly this was probably the shortest bathroom line we saw. Labor Day traffic sucks.

After getting back from the beach I had dinner with a friend at Bibiana, a new italian restaurant on H and 12th. It was amazingly good. The gnocchi was delicious and the cod fritters were to die for, though I must warn you the portions are slightly small. And it is a little pricier than I usually spend for dinner.


  1. no photos with your new friends?

  2. hahahaha oh man. Well maybe if somebody had let me stick around for my free drink I could have gotten a picture with my new bffs :)


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