Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Themed Parties

It is barely the beginning of fall and I am already fretting the winter blues. One way to combat the lame cold weather though is to throw themed parties! It is a great and inexpensive way (if you don't go over the top) to get together with a group of friends, especially on super cold nights.

This past weekend I went to a friend's mustache party. It ended up being one of the most perfect themes. I'm not very big on intensely themed parties. Aka parties I have to go out and buy a whole outfit or dress up like its halloween. Not really my deal. This theme was brilliant because all you needed was a fake mustache. And of course tons of laughs and hilarious pictures ensued. It was also a great ice breaker with people you didn't know because all you had to do was laugh and make fun of each other. And you were instantly friends!

Yes I realize I screwed up the sorority popped leg pose.....which I have absolutely no excuse except that its been a few years since college.

So I started brainstorming on some other themed parties to throw during the fall and winter months. Below are a few ideas for when it gets cold and you want the party to come to you. If you have any other great themed party ideas put them in the comments!

Game Night
Not really a unique theme at all, but I have to tell you I've been to so many fun game nights with friends. Whether it is a small get together where you have one competitive game going or a larger shindig with several competitions happening at once, it is always a good time. And a great way to bring different groups together. I mean nothing breaks the ice of "nice to meet you" like "I'm going to kick your ass in Scategories" Have everyone bring a snack and a bottle of wine or beer.

Teacher Sweater Party
This is a variation on the ugly christmas sweater party, which I feel like has become a little overplayed. Instead you open the playing field to all ridiculous holiday themed sweaters. You know the sweaters I'm talking about. The ones with stitched pictures, wooden buttons, and pom poms/lots of bedazzle.

Prohibition Party
Basically a 1920's flapper party, but it sounds cooler calling it a prohibition party. It slightly breaks my rule of costume but I figure you can find something in your closet to make it stretch. And all guys really need is a white button-up, black pants, and possibly suspenders and a hat. When I was visiting a friend in New York we went to one of these parties and it was a blast. Basically you just play flapper music and drink but if everyone dresses the part it creates a really fun vibe.

Karaoke Party
I'll be the first to admit I would never stand up in a karaoke bar and belt it out in front of mostly strangers. But how much fun would it be to have a hilarious karaoke party in the comfort of your home with friends. Suddenly everyone gets a little braver, especially as the night wears on. Don't forget to take video for blackmail....I mean so you don't forget your fun times.

Dress Like Your Host
I've never been to a themed party like this before but stumbled upon this idea online and thought it would be hilarious. It would be so funny to see how all your friends interpret your style or think you dress. Or a great way for your friends to make fun of your style...if you can have a sense of humor about it.

Thanksgiving Feast
This isn't exactly a themed party, but it is a tradition that started when I was in college. Before going home for Thanksgiving with our families a group of my friends would cook a big thanksgiving feast together. It was a great way to bring different traditions and family recipes together. I also discovered most people don't do Thanksgiving like my family does. Who knew! We continued the theme in DC with a different group of friends, but unfortunately for some reason we skipped it last year. I'm definitely bringing this tradition back though.

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