Monday, September 28, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

And we meet again, Monday so soon! I was so excited for the weekend to start and its already over! Story of my life. Anyways it was a good weekend to hang out around DC, especially after being out of town last weekend.

Friday night my friend arranged a group dinner at Papa-Razzi in Georgetown. Such a good idea on her part as it was a small group of people who knew a few people but no one knew everyone. So it was a great way to catch up with old and new friends and enjoy each other's company after a long week.

After dinner we headed up to Kitchen in Glover Park. I hear the southern style food here is delicious and may have to give it a try next time I'm there and not full from drinks and gnocchi.

Saturday morning I headed over to Clarendon for lunch with a friend. We walked around Clarendon day for a little bit, though it was slightly smaller than I expected. We had fun watching this adorable little boy who was such a rebel with the ramps!

No words can describe the hilarity of this "ride" We were dying laughing watching the kids bounce up and down. Especially when it was all young toddlers/kids and one girl that was about 10 years too big for participating.

We deemed this one of the worst jobs ever, pushing this train around and around all day long. Every time I'm knocking my head against my desk because of a design change I will look at this picture.

Trying on fun hats.

Saturday night I checked out Veritas, a wine bar in the dupont area. It may have soared to the top of my list for favorite wine bars in the city. They have great atmosphere though not too loud and seating for most. Also the bartenders were great at recommending wine and cheese and totally steered us away from not so great choices to amazing selections.

Delicious cheese.

Amazing Wine.

And heavenly chocolate. The caramel chocolate was my favorite. A melted toffee like center with a little bit of salty on top. I will for sure food dream about that chocolate.

Sunday morning I met a friend for coffee and reading. She read her Wall Street Journal and I read my design magazines.

Sunday afternoon since it was such beautiful weather I decided to walk to the gym instead of drive. I'm not exactly sure why I don't do that walk more often since it takes me by the Capitol and all the beautiful buildings on the hill. It reminded me of small reasons I love DC so much.

On my way home I stopped at the arboretum to check out the setup. It amazed me how this space seemed to be under utilized. Look at these beautiful tables with perfect landscaping and views of DC. Can't get much better than this. I'm definitely going to have to come down here more often to read or hang out with friends.

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