Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pretty Soaps

This is slightly random but while I was looking for my Good Morning photograph, I stumbled upon this picture of gorgeously wrapped soaps. Like I warned you....random. But the picture hit my inspiration pang and I had to share.

All those papers are just so beautiful and I was trying to think of the possibilities to imitate this idea! I was dreaming about the day I have a guest bathroom (instead of sharing one with my roommate), I could wrap lots of little soaps in pretty papers and put them in a bowl as decoration. Or I could use a bowl of pretty wrapped squares somewhere else in my apartment. Or I could just wrap little gifts to people in beautiful papers like these. Oh the possibilities.

Also if you want to know where to buy these soaps instead of just dream about them like me, the picture actually has a link to the store. Except unfortunately it is out in San Francisco. But if you find yourself out that way, check out The Gardener.

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