Friday, September 4, 2009

What Makes Me Strong

Its been a super rough week for me. Coming on Friday and exhausted from the turmoil of my life, I wasn't sure what to post today. As I was talking to one of my good friends about this, she made a suggestion for a post that she thought might help me feel better. A post about what makes me strong or feel strong.

I thought I might as well give it a try, mix some of my photography with representation of things and people that make me strong. So I leave you for the long weekend with my list. In no particular order. I'm sure it could be longer and maybe I'll keep adding to it as I go. But for now these are a few.....

Traveling and experiencing new cultures makes me feel strong. I still remember my backpacking through Europe days with such fondness. Being able to visit amazing places so far from the familiar. And knowing the world is much bigger than myself, with so much to offer.

My family makes me strong. Being the youngest in my family, I definitely got taken care of a lot. But I had two strong older sisters and independent parents to look up to and help me become the person I am today. My family has encouraged me to follow my dreams and to be the best version of myself that I can be.

Commuting to work every day in the city makes me feel strong. It makes me feel like I have control and rhythm to my life. I feel independent like I could go anywhere and do anything.

All of my girlfriends make me strong. They are all so unique and different in their own way. Yet all of them are such beautiful and independent women who inspire me to be the same.

My nephews make me strong. They are so little yet hold such a big part of my heart. They make me want to be a strong role model for them, somebody they can be proud of and look up to.

My photography makes me strong. Being able to look at the world from different views, catching moments in time.

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