Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buying Local: Hill's Kitchen

Paying a visit to Hill's Kitchen this weekend reminded me of why I love this neighborhood cooking store so much. I'm telling you every time I stop in there the owner, Leah, as well as any of the staff have always been so helpful.

Full disclosure I am not much of a cook, though I blame that more on my single status than anything else. But I do love to look around cooking stores. And Hill's Kitchen is the best place to do that. Every time I've gone in the staff has been so knowledgeable in helping me select gifts or find items for myself. And there is nothing like supporting a local business. I just love the neighborhood feel of people knowing each other every time I stop by.

Something else unique to Hill's Kitchen are their DC cookie cutters. The owner has decided to have a special DC cookie cutter made for every year that she is open. Last year it was a cookie cutter in the shape of the district. And this year she just got in cookie cutters in the shape of the Capitol Building. Super fun for your district themed cut-out cookies.

Another bonus is that they have inexpensive cooking classes in their upstairs kitchen. My roommate recently did a pie making class and absolutely loved it. Usually the cost ranges from $35-$55 and they cover everything from Knife Skills to how to make a Thanksgiving feast. The cost definitely doesn't break the bank and it is a great weekend activity to do with a friend or loved one.

Hill's Kitchen is located right across from the Eastern Market metro stop on D street, SE. I highly suggest you stop by for your own cooking needs, gifts for others, or just to check it out!

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