Friday, October 30, 2009

My Halloween Costume

To be honest I've taken the last couple halloweens off from dressing up. So I'm a little rusty in the creativity/costume finding department. And honestly I am not a fan of spending money on stuff I am only going to wear for one night. Why would I want to spend $50 on a cheap fabric costume that will sit in the back of my closet the rest of the year?

So this year, it became my goal to put together a cute costume, that I didn't look ridiculous in, and that added to my wardrobe. I decided to go with the flapper look since modern glam is all the rage.

I bought this ruffle skirt at Urban Outfitters. Granted its more modern than flapper. But it still has the layered ruffle look, and I will totally wear it again. I'm planning on pairing it with a plain black tank top so it gives the effect of a dress.

For accessories I bought this vintage beaded headband, which I also plan to put around my head a la Ashley Olsen style.

I bought this necklace off of Ebay. I thought the tassels were very 1920's. Long pearls would also work though.

And to finish it off I bought these super cute oxford t-strap heels at Target. They were a great price, will be perfect for my costume, and again I will totally wear them again with dresses.

To pull the look all together I'm going to wear bright red lipstick, my hair in wavy curls (maybe a few pieces pinned back) and smokey eye makeup. There are some amazing tutorials for makeup and hair on Youtube I highly suggest you check out. Even if you are not going as a flapper, you can search Youtube for makeup tips for your own costume and hair.

Altogether it may not be historically classic flapper, but I think it is still close enough people can tell what I am going for. And when it is all said and done, I'll be able to wear all these items again!

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