Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Fashion

I just hit a vintage fashion gold mine! I know, I know, lately I've been all things vintage. Not sure where this obsession is coming from, but just go with it.

I first stumbled upon liebemarlene's photostream on flickr. Her stylized photographs of cute vintage outfits are pretty amazing. And then I realized they weren't all just her outfits. Many of them are for sale on her eBay store. AMAZING!

So not only does she have inspirational vintage fashion for you to look at all day long, but she also has many adorable items up for sale. I really appreciate as well that she shows how the clothes can be worn, because sometimes you need just a little extra help to see the fashion vision. I'm in serious love with her Flickr Stream and her eBay store. Also I know I went a little overkill on the pictures, but there were just too many beautiful ones to pick from. So enjoy!

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