Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Dry Monday! So happy the rain stopped just in time for the beginning of another work week! This weekend was pretty chill for me and I contemplated not doing a weekend in pictures, but my friends got very hostile about that idea. So to humor them, here is my uneventful weekend.

It started out with birthday celebration number 1 at Eat Bar for my friend Katie's birthday. I love the atmosphere at this place and the tiny sliders and apps are delicious.

This picture represents the majority of my weekend. Rain. I spent a lot of time running errands and relaxing at home. Which I don't do too often, so it was a nice break.

Then there was birthday celebration number 2 for Katie on Saturday night. I hung out at her place while she got ready, isn't this a freaky shot of her in the magnified mirror?

Then we went out and celebrated with lots of drinks and friends at Urbana in Dupont. Even though the rain was a damper, Urbana was super cozy with their round booths and big chairs.

Sunday morning I had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien. I have to be honest, while the food was good I wasn't super impressed. It was kind of expensive for small portions and I definitely left still hungry. But I must say I do love the concept of the long communal table in the middle of the restaurant. Even though it doesn't really add to any community because people just leave a chair empty in between.

I also took lots of pictures of fall leaves. While the majority of the leaves have yet to change (and this freakishly cold weather better not mess that up!) I was still able to find a few pretty trees.

Sunday afternoon I headed down to Old Town Alexandria to have cider with a friend. I honestly don't get down to Old Town enough, and having just been up to New England, I have to say Old Town has the closest resemblance. I'm definitely going to have to get down there again once the leaves fully change.

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