Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creative Proposals

I've read about two amazing marriage proposals today and just had to share the cuteness. Besides we all need a little happiness in our day as we get to the end of another long week!

Be still my heart, this guy proposed with pumpkins. Seriously......amazing. He was going for a fall drive in Massachusetts with his then girlfriend (now fiance) when they came over a hill and written on the field in pumpkins was "Ari, Please Marry Me" So cute, and of course she said yes! Read the whole story here.

The second proposal was on the blog Bakerella. Apparently this guy knew how much his again then girlfriend (now fiance) loved the baking blog and how she checked it constantly. So he enlisted the help of Bakerella and she did a blog post about cake pops that then incorporated pictures proposing. Of course it was very technical of the timing and getting her to check it when he was there so he could propose. But luckily it all came together in the end. Read the actual proposal post here and the full account of how it all went down here.

So fun, I really do love a good proposal story.

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