Friday, October 23, 2009

My Thrift Store Find: Treasury

Ok so I've been sitting on this post for a while. So I'm sorry I'm just getting to it now. But several weekends ago one of my girlfriends brought me to the most amazing vintage consignment shop called Treasury. You can tell every piece of merchandise is selected very carefully and everything from the dresses, accessories, and jewelry are all so glamorous. Even the store itself is arranged beautifully.

So now that you are drooling over the store, on to the goods. My friend found the most amazing purple mod dress with detailed gold collar that she is modeling below. Basically the perfect party dress. The shop owner said it used to belong to a model that brings in her clothes to sell every once in a while. I love hearing the stories behind each piece!

I found an amazing Mad Men style dress that fits like a glove. I have yet to find the right heels to go with it (hence my bare feet), but I am super excited to wear this dress to work or to some sort of afternoon party. The store owner unfortunately didn't know the story behind this dress, but said she purchased it at an estate sale.

I'm not a huge fan of showing you my large assets, but it is a better view from the side showing you what I mean about the Mad Men style and fit. I could totally see Joan Harris sauntering around the office in a number like this or even Betty Draper wearing it to a garden party.

You can tell by looking at all the stitching and no tags that this is a true vintage find made with love.

Treasury is located close to the intersection of 14th and U, NW. I highly recommend checking it out to find some unique pieces and classic staples for your wardrobe.

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