Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally Scarf Weather

So I know the official first day of fall was a few weeks ago. But to me, today feels like the first day of real fall. It is officially October (a pretty darn good month for many reasons) and the weather is finally crisp and cool. It is officially sweater and scarf weather. Which is monumentally exciting in my life. And all you humbugs who say sweater and scarf weather leads to freezing cold coat weather can keep quiet.

So today I broke out my basket of scarves and wore my black pashmina/scarf for the first time since winter. But then I realized something on the way to work, I was in a sea of pashmina scarves and there was nothing all that unique about the one that I was wearing. And you know me, I like to be just a little different. And then I remembered the email I received last month from De*Nada, an emerging accessories line in DC. At the time the weather was hot and sticky and I just couldn't think about luxurious beautiful hand-knit scarves. But now the weather is perfect and the time couldn't be any better.

A few little tidbits from their press release that I enjoyed:

For this collection, “It’s all about texture and layering,” said De*Nada’s founder and lead designer Virginia Arrisueño. Using the traditional methods of crocheting, knitting and braiding inspired by the culture and the traditions of her Peruvian heritage, Arrisueño offers “exceptional detail in each of these pieces.”

Arrisueño also wanted to “reinvent how scarves can be worn” by incorporating versatile and innovative styles to her pieces.

Key items include: cowls, which can be draped around the neck or worn as hood; eternal scarves, which are loose and lightweight, like a necklace, and can be worn with or as jewelry; and spiral scarves; which can be worn long or else shortened, when wrapped once or twice around the neck and pulled through a loop.

I love her concept of turning scarves into more jewelry like accessories. I've always been one to wear scarves with my outfits as more of an accessory than for the purpose of keeping warm. And look at those beautiful hues, perfect for carrying you through the winter months and into spring. It is the perfect accessory for your wardrobe to stand out among the sea of pashminas this fall. And because De Nada means "You Are Welcome" in spanish, you are most very welcome for that little tip.

So far her online shop is not live, but you can find her scarves at the shop Redeem on 14th Street NW. Visit De*Nada's website here for more beautiful pictures and other retailers in major cities across the US.

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