Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix: Lisztomania

Phoenix is a band I've always been on the fence about.  Sometimes while listening to their songs I wait for the climax to hit......and it never does.  Though I guess that is the beauty of Phoenix too.  It takes me a few listens to get into a Phoenix song for sure.  My friend Katie sent me this video though and I thought it was fun.  Especially the first thirty seconds with the lead in beat and balloon.  Hope this gets you going on a slow Monday morning.


  1. i LOVE phoenix. their album "it's never been like that" is really good too!

  2. They are definitely growing on me after listening to their album on repeat in my friend's car. Not going to lie I've had a hard time getting Lisztomania out of my head. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely have to check out their other album.


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