Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Calendar Swap 2010

It is getting close to one of my favorite times of year.  Calendar buying time!  (I bet you thought I was going to say Fall)  I absolutely love picking out my calendar for the next year.  Usually I can't make up my mind and end up buying more than one.  It used to be kind of difficult to hunt down that totally unique, graphically beautiful calendar amongst all the generic kitten and puppy calendars.  But these days it seems like the options are overwhelming!

So you are probably wondering why I am bringing up Calendars in October.  Well Kelly over at Design Crush and Caroline at Greedy Girl have come up with the most amazing idea.  A calendar swap.  All you have to do is email your name, blog/web address and snail-mail address to by October 31st.  They pair you up and send you your swapmate's info.  You can get to know their taste through their blog (though I'm pretty sure you are not required to have a blog/website to participate) and then by Nov. 15th send them a totally unique special calendar over $20 but under $30.  Also no kitten or puppy calendars.

Such a fun idea, right?  And yes I was the strange girl in elementary school who got excited over having a penpal.  So this is right up my alley.  Also Design Crush and Greedy Girl will be featuring different calendars over the next few weeks on their blogs to get your creative juices flowing.  So basically there is no excuse not to sign up for this fun project.  For all the details go here.

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  1. This seems like a good idea for you. I remember your forever long hunt for a 2008 calendar when we lived together and you finally decided on one...only to be somewhat disappointed when it came in the mail. Oh the stress!


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