Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Fall Weekend in the District

I'm extremely excited about this weekend and hope to take advantage of all it's fall gloriousness. I'm counting that between this weekend and next weekend, the peak of fall will hit, and I'm not planning on missing any of it.

Nothing starts off a weekend right like a fall Happy Hour. This picture is from my fall apple cocktail at West End Bistro. I'm hoping to try out PS7's Pumpkin Cocktail or their Foamy Fresh Apple. Sounds like fall in a glass with an extra kick! Here is a whole list of fall happy hours so you don't miss out on any of the fun fall drinks by local mixologists.

There are some great autumn walks/drives both in the city and outside of the city. Rock Creek Park is definitely worth visiting as well as many parks in Virginia and Maryland. The Washington Post has a whole article of places worth checking out for optimal fall foliage.

If the weather is crummy on Saturday I plan on making these mini pumpkin pies. How adorable, right? And you can easily freeze them in batches and take a few out when you are craving just a taste of pumpkin pie.

Sunday I'm hoping the weather stays nice so that I can go apple and pumpkin picking outside the city. It was like torture going to all the pumpkin patches in Boston and not being able to bring any pumpkins home. So I'm itching at the bit to get a few of my own. And what better place to do it than a place where you can also pick apples and drink cider. I have yet to decide which farm to go to from this list, but I'm leaning towards Homestead Farm.

Who knows if I'll get to all these things on my list, but I know no matter what I'll be having a fabulous fall weekend. And hopefully a few of these things will inspire you to get outside and enjoy the season as well!

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